Saturday, May 20, 2006

Motor Project # 16 - Timing Cover

This project is meant to inform/entertain. From Steve Hannes Click on any picture to enlarge, then F11 This is not as much a real project as it is notice that I need to suspend the motor project for a couple of months as I'll be in Phoenix, physically 800 miles away from the motor. I will return to Denver in August then resume with the exhaust system. I apologize to those of you anxious to see the headers finished. I've had quite a time with my consulting business and have been traveling extensively. The only thing new - I've now replaced the timing cover and harmonic balancer. Coincidentally, I just took my 2002 X-Type manual Sport, BRG in for its fourth and final service and the factory warranty expires on June 8th. Past that date, I am now free to make some "changes" to the car including the proposed 3.0L engine swap. Coming up, in future projects, I'll document and photo the engine change over along with any "challenges" that come about. I am STILL looking for an X-Type manual transmission in used, or any condition. My existing Sport is a manual, but I want a spare trans. If anyone knows of one, I'd be interested in discussing/purchasing. Here are a few pictures of the 3.0L motor to tide over until the summer passes: The front of the motor with timing cover back in place. The back bank looking much cleaner with the factory exhaust plumbing missing. The front bank with new style oil filtering in place. Thanks for everyone's patience on the exhaust system. Thinking about it, I received this engine Christmas of 2005. That is only six months ago. Hopefully, it will be running in my Sport by this Christmas. Enjoy!


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