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Motor Project # 8 - Vital Fluids

From Steve Hannes - Jaguar X-Type Fluids/Capacities

NOTE: This covers the X-Type, however, I've included two links that give fluid information for all models.

SPECIAL WARNING: The fluids used in the Jaguar X-Type are a new generation "extended life", "long life" or "sealed for life" fluids. Be VERY careful replacing any of these fluids with traditional natural petroleum or synthetic products. Some suppliers that want to sell lubricants are going to give you a recommendation if you ask for their "compatible" lubricant, but the question is bigger than that. Look at the Ford or Jaguar specification that I've listed for each component. You must ensure the replacement lubricant is compatible with the spec. For example: The new generation M2C192A Ford spec. for the differential lubricant is a much different product than just a standard 75W140 synthetic gear oil. I've put dozens of hours in researching brands, calling suppliers and assembling the information below. Save yourself some time/effort and take advantage of this work.

RE: Lubricants, Fluids, Sealers and Adhesives Description Specification. I’ve completed an exhaustive research matching Jaguar (Ford) specifications with commercial brand oils and lubricants. And I now know more than I ever wanted about fluids specifications! Ford (and Jaguar), like all manufacturers, creates an engineering specification for fluids, then usually manufactures their own or partners with a supplier. Jaguar has partnered with Castrol since 07/2004. Commercial lubricant suppliers then choose whether to offer products that meet manufacturer’s specifications. Unfortunately, not all popular brands choose to specify compliance with all manufacturers. That doesn’t mean they do not, but they don’t market products for specification compliance.

A good example of this is two manufacturers popular with the race circuit – Royal Purple and Redline. Redline makes synthetic gear lubricants for transmissions, transfer cases and differentials. They do not advertise manufacturer’s specification compliance in their product spec sheets, and they did not answer my written request for that information. Therefore, I don’t list their products and you’re on your own if you want to substitute their products for Jag/Ford specs. Royal Purple makes synthetic oils and lubricants as well as traditional oils. They too do not advertise, nor would they answer written requests for spec compliance. They actually recommend synthetic motor oil (10W 40) for manual transaxles and in compliance with WSD-M2C200-C, but call me skeptical. Again, you won’t find these products on my list. For all of my research I use the factory vehicle specifications by Jaguar. I've attached a Jaguar bulletin regarding fluids to the bottom of this post. Note the warnings about unauthorized fluids and impact on warranty. "Fluids are subject to audit on warranty claims." BTW – If anyone wants their own copy of the vehicle specifications by Jaguar, someone published the 2003 PDF version on the web. Find it at: General Specifications from JTIS, details follow: Engine oil (EUROPE), SAE 5W-30W SS-M2C-913A – N/A in this doc. Engine oil (US), SAE 5W-30 ILSAC GF3, API SJ – See Below Engine assembly lubricant SQM-2C9003 AA EP90 – Used to assemble engine components like camshafts, bearings, etc. Any internal engine part that might have metal to metal contact on startup before engine oil can get to it. These are all greases that dissolve and go into solution with motor oil. Brands: Redline Assembly Lube; Torco MPZ Assembly Lube pn. MPZ-AL; Belray Assembly Lube Sta-Lube Assembly grease – NOTE: None of these could be verified as complying with SQM-2C9003 AA EP90, however, all are meant to be compatible with motor oil. Hose assembly surfactant ESE-M99B144-B Brands: Merpol (is a trade name). Metal surface cleanerWSW-M5B392-A Could not find a supplier SealantWSS-M4G323-A6 Could not find a supplier Spark plug grease'Neverseeze' ESE M12 A4A Brands: Permatex Anti-Seize Compound Engine Oil: JTIS Spec (US): Engine oil (US), SAE 5W-30 ILSAC GF3, API SJ 5W30 ONLY – As the hydraulically operated VVT is extremely sensitive to viscosity changes. 5W30 gives the best viscosity range results with VVT. Never use a higher W number than 5W in the Duratec with VVT. Wider viscosity ranges or weights over 30 can defeat the hydraulic oil pump under certain temperature conditions and cause it not to respond, even though the ECM sends the electronic signal to shift. Jag service intervals change oil and filter every 10K – My interval is every 5K. Brands: Castrol GTX 5W30 (Castrol is actually recommended by name and logo in the Jaguar factory specifications dated 07/2004); most other shelf oil brands. Some believe in synthetics. JTIS doesn’t really say yes or no. Probably OK to use, but don’t take that as my recommendation. Capacity: 2.5L and 3.0L. 7 US Qts. Rear Differential Oil: JTIS Spec: M2C192A synthetic, SAE 75W140 synthetic gear lubricant. The M2C192A Ford spec. is a synthetic gear oil with a friction modifier already added. You do NOT want to use a standard synthetic gear oil w/o a modifier or that does not meet M2C192A. It’s important that you don’t over or under do the modifier if you’re going to add your own. Jag calls this unit sealed for life and changes are not necessary. Not for me – every 30K to 60K miles. Brands: Sta-Lube Syn GO 75W 140 Synthetic states M2C192A compliance on the label; Capacity: 2.5L and 3.0L. 1.268 US Qts. (2.5 Pts.) Transfer Case Oil: JTIS Spec: M2C192A synthetic, SAE 75W140 synthetic gear lubricant. Jag spec, again, sealed for life. I will change every 30K to 60K along with the diff. same fluid spec in both. I’m using the Sta-Lube Syn Go ($38 for a two quart container). The two quart is enough for both diff and Xfer case. Brands: Sta-Lube Syn GO 75W 140 Synthetic Capacity: REFILL – 2.5L and 3.0L. 1.16 Pts. (18.6 Ozs.) Manual Transaxle Oil: JTIS Spec: WSD-M2C200-C Synthetic, SAE 75W90 Synthetic Gear Lubricant. This is the infamous “lifetime” lubricant specification. It is very new on the scene. Manufacturers are not hitting the commercial market with this product (or the automatic trans fluid) because the units don’t require changing. This has been particularly frustrating in research and I’ve spent the most time on both transaxles. For the manual, and coincidentally, Motorcraft has a WSD-M2C200-C compliant fluid, I suspect, could be purchased at any Ford dealer. I have yet to try, but will be my choice. Amsoil also refers to this spec as compliant. Castrol BOT 130M is compliant, but I cannot find it for sale in the states. Brands: Motorcraft XT-M5-QS (Is the best if you can find it); Amsoil AGR or TGR; Castrol BOT 130M Capacity: 2.5L and 3.0L.1.84 US Qts. (3.7 Pts.) Auto Transaxle Oil: JTIS Spec: WSS-M2C922-A1 automatic transmission fluid. From the Jaguar spec 7/2004 - Use of any other fluids may result in a transmission malfunction or failure. Intervals Normal Maintenance Not necessary. Filled for life. Severe Duty Maintenance Change the fluid at 48,000 km (30,000 miles) intervals. It was very difficult interpreting the factory spec. Then I discovered a factory bulletin online. It is attached at the bottom of this post and an excerpt is listed for brands. Shell is a popular brand in the US and it looks to be a Mercon V type fluid. Use the Shell pns. listed to match compatibility. Jatco makes their own recommended fluid, but I have no idea how one would purchase it. Brands: All of the following come from the service bulletin attached on the bottom of this post - Recommended fluids Esso LT 71141; Shell ATF 3403 M115; Shell M1375.4; MERCON V XT-5-QM ATF; IDEMITSU K17; Jatco 3100 PL085. Jatco is preferred if you can find it. Capacity: 2.5L and 3.0L. Approx 8.32 US Qts. Refill – (Initial fill 9.3 qts) Engine Coolant: JTIS Spec: WSS M97B44 D. This is compatible with long life marketed anti-freeze. Originally developed for GM, called Dex-cool, this fluid is pink/orange in colouor, not green. Long life specifies 5 year 150,000 mi changes. I don’t agree and change mine every 12 to 24 months max. Brands: Prestone Extended life 5/150. This is a new generation (pink/orange) coolant compatible with all coolants - green, pink, orange, or whatever. Capacity: 10.6 qts 3.0L and 2.5L – but expect that you might not get the entire system drained from the heater core and engine block. Brake Fluid: JTIS Spec: Super Dot 4 – From research, several manufacturers offer super dot 4, but hard to find in local parts stores. It can be ordered online from most suppliers. The motorcycle world seems to use it more commonly, so look for it at a local cycle shop. BTW - Synthetic brake fluids are becoming very popular and, just like motor oils, Jaguar doesn't say one way or another whether to use or avoid Synthetic brake fluid. The factory specifies purging the entire system every two years (VERY important as brake fluids, even synthetics are hydroscopic). My interval is once a year. Brands: Castrol Super dot 4; Belray Super dot 4; Penszoil super dot 4 – many others. Capacity: estimated less than 1 qt. with reservoir and manual clutch. The auto will use less. Power Steering Fluid: JTIS Spec: Mobil ATF meeting Dexron 3 Specification. I don’t purge or change power steering fluid, just watch for leaks or steering resistance. Sometimes a fluid change helps, but not always. Brands: Any good quality Dexron 3 commercial product. Capacity: 1.2 Qts. Approximately. RESEARCH Sources (online): Find a factory tech bulletin at: Technical Service Bulletin No.JagA100-000413 December 2004 Subject/Concern : Jaguar - Recommended Castrol Lubricants and Fluids in Service Models : XJ Range 1998- Vin range : 812317 Onwards XK Range 1998- Vin range : 001246 Onwards S-TYPE 1999- Vin range : L00600 Onwards X-TYPE 2001- Vin range : C00344 Onwards


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Steve:

FYI. Below are the results from the Red Line Oil web site Application Request Form.

>Make : Jaguar
>Model : X-Type
>Year : 2003
>Engine Type : 3.0 V-6
>Differential Size/Type :
>Transmission Type: 5-speed manual

Thank you for contacting Red Line Oil, in your manual transmission I
would recommend the MTL and the 75W140 in the transfer case and rear

From Mel72349 / JagTalk

5:59 PM  
Blogger skhannes said...

I contacted redline too. Problem is - if you ask them if they comply with ford/jag spec M2C200-C for the transaxle and M2C192-A for the diffand xfer case, you'll not get a response. These recommended products are several years old. The fluids in the X-Type are a new generation fill for life fluid that non of the Redline spec sheets specify compliance with. Be CAREFUL here. It's easy to get an informal email from the company with a "use these products" reply. But ask yourself if they know what they're talking about. It's your warranty claim that needs to be proven. Wouldn't you rather have a product spec sheet?


12:27 PM  
Anonymous Real Tech said...

Use nothing but the Jatco fluid in the X-Type automatic transmission. It's very special, thin as water and light pink in color when new. The purple tint you noticed comes from the clutches and indicates a trans on its last legs if not already failed. If I check the fluid in an X-Type trans and it looks purple I will be putting a new trans in that car. It was smart to sell the unit you had as a core. You say that the assembly you received had 15k miles but if it was from an '02 thats the models with the trans recall and 15k was about the normal failure point.

8:19 PM  
Anonymous skhannes said...

Thanks for the insight on the colour of the trans fluid. Yes, I had no interest in the auto and have plans to ue the manual box behind this project engine. I checked the serial number against the auto trans recall numbers and it was built past those sequences. I haven't turned in the trans as a core yet, but just a matter of convenience and time.

8:32 AM  

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