Saturday, December 10, 2005

Motor Project #1 - Arrival of the Beast

Project # 1 is meant to Entertain and Inform Here is my first report.My 3.0L X-Type motor arrived in Denver for local pick up today. Couldn't havebeen worse conditions. It was -12 deg at my house and a high of 4 deg in Denver.I needed a dock high truck to pick up from the shipper's terminal. That meantthe largest 24 ft Budget diesel truck that is available. Then 65 miles to myhouse, then return the truck - all ICY windy roads from 5000 ft to 9000 ft. This is much more than just the 3.0L motor. They shipped the entire sub-frame,engine, trans, struts, steering rack, even the front disc brakes, the ECM andthe security module. All weighed 1,012 lbs. And, as it happened, since this wasa weekday, workday, I found myself alone once I left the dock help. The drive was white knuckled to say the least. Took me almost two hours, then I had tonegotiate my 400 ft rising driveway.Once home I began building a dolly system so that I could lower the motor downthe ramp. Got that done, then realized the truck ramp had a 1,000 lb max weightlimit. This forced me to begin disassembling - removing weight to lighten upsome, also to help me better negotiate the ramp.So, my first REAL mechanical "hands-on" experience comes from removal of bothstruts (and front discs and brake assemblies), and axle half shafts. I had toremove the lower ball joints, steering rack tie-rods, stabilizers, then the halfshafts from the transfer case. This was remarkably easy and it has given me theconfidence that I've wanted as I know I'll do my own clutch someday in my manualsport. Incidentally, I've already built one of Jag's "Special Tools" used forclutch replacement - the very cool small A-Frame that supports the engine wieghtfrom up top. I've commented in the past about JTIS and how poorly it is written.Trying to follow the steps for a clutch replacement, for example, simply byreference to the CD is daunting. Now I have a real life sample to fill in theblanks that the CD doesn't provide. And, now that I know what's involved inremoving the half shafts, I am a significant way towards a lot of repairs. NEXT STEPS: I need to start separating out the parts that I'll keep and sell offparts that, regardless of the directions I take, I won't need. First thing to go will be the automatic transmission. Watch for it soon on Ebay! As this motor was so complete, I might also part out Air con compressor, Alt, etc, etc. Then, Ineed to get the motor up on an engine dolly. One that is versatile enough to let me beginexploring. More to come.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very interesting project! I'll be following your progress on a regular basis.

I have the 2.5 in my X-Type but I'm sure that anything you do to the 3.0 will relate directly to the 2.5.

Best of luck with the project!

4:36 PM  
Anonymous BuckMR2 said...

Saw your project mentioned at
Spark plug replacement info would be appreciated if posted.Mine are due for renewal in the next 3000 miles.
Good luck

11:40 PM  

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